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Moving On : A Love Story

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When my ex and I broke up I thought my life as I knew it was over. I was heart broken. Sure it was my idea and it was for the best, but the first 6 months was hell. Even as we pieced together the foundation of a friendship in the wake of our relationship I had no idea what to do. Dating was impossible. I had no idea who I was as a person and I was so angry at the world that I needed to find a way to start over and had no idea what to do.

3 things: Starting a New Year Edition

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I didn't realize it was going to be so hard to find 3 things that make me happy at the moment. I've been sick, I've been tired. Really over the holiday season and all of everything that's been going on, like everyone else I'm exhausted. It was a whirlwind of excitement and parts of it were pure joy. But the holidays bring out the worst in people too and I was reminded of a lot of things that I prefer to ignore most of the time. Here is the list of 3 things that are making me happy right now.

Quotable Monday : Dreaming Edition

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I'm trying to lose weight. I've been trying most of my life in the same manor that I do everything. I'm a little bit of an expert mixed with a lot of lazy. Weight loss is hard and I hate trying with no results. After I finished the last round of house sitting and really started to look at my finances, I was behind. I eat out too much, I spend to much on useless junk. My finances are a mess. I don't make enough money to be as careless as I am. So I needed to find a place to buckle down and do the right thing. That became my meals. 

It's easy to plan something basic, in my limited and growing skill set, that I could eat and would be healthy. I mean how hard is it to bake chicken. This time instead of thinking of it as weight loss... well it's not. This is really all about the dollar bills. If I want to go on vacation, see my sister, or pay off my car I really have to stop seeing food as a whatever I'm gonna eat it anyway kind of thing. 

The thing I really started to think about as last week ended was that my weight loss could be my pocket book's gain. By having a few things that I can do that are inexpensive, by always making sure that I'm eating healthy, I'm not going to splurge on snacks or lunch as often. It's not that I wont want to, but even now I'm noticing that I don't think to go out. The food is cooked, all I have to do is eat it. 

I am working on keeping healthy habits because Golda is right. My dreams aren't closed and locked. I can walk through those doors as soon as I want. I just need to do it. And if I happen to lose weight as I get better control over my money, I'm doing the right thing. 

Hope you have a good week. - XoxO - HhG

Tomorrow is my buddy Mark's birthday. He was born on June 6th and always felt that the numbers 420 and 666 were with him. He was so dedicated to the theme that he had 666 tattooed on his head. Almost 9 years Mark ended his life and I miss him a lot. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts please get help. I am an open door. Feel free to contact me at anytime to just talk. If you are an open door or a safe place, please share. I'm here for you.  

Thank you for your patronage. If you'd like to be a part of the book I'm currently working on, please contact me via You'll be given a short questionnaire and then we'll set up a time to interview. 

You're constant love and support is one of the many reasons skaBunnyMakes continues. You are valued not only as readers, but as generous friends and family who make my world a little brighter and truly help to strengthen my resolve and my writing. Regardless of what comes next I am grateful for all of you. 

Thank you for everything you do everyday. XoxO - HhG

Finishing Up: The Fem Project Then and Now

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Sorry for the long absence, I’ve been really trying to decide what to do. I love this project, but I’ll be honest when I say that making sure that there is content multiple days a week is tough. I’m looking at the schedule and thinking that I may be changing a few things up. If you don’t follow me on social media, do me a favor and go over to facebook or Instagram and follow and chat with me. I love the opportunity to really get into the ideas that I have and see what you think about them. Below is a new blog and it’s another personal one. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Song of the Week: Journey to Anywhere

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I'd be lying if I didn't say this was in my list of favorite songs of all time. I love this song. From the references to tv shows to the totally pg language and the upbeat danceable sound. This is a song that I play on repeat and ask my ex to play every time he does an all request radio show. Journey to Anywhere to me is a reminder that it is up to me to tackle what I want to do and that my journey is my own. Sure I share it with the people in my life, but I'm responsible for myself and for my dreams. 

I think it can be a pretty great message, so today pass on some encouragement and understanding to your fellow people. Spend quality time with some people that you love or just make a point to give yourself a break. 

Later Adventurers. - HhG